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sweet angel little sister
28 October 2010 @ 01:00 pm
"To repeat is a bad word (to use)," said Krzyzewski, who spent the summer leading the U.S. national team to the gold medal at the world championship. "... What you want to do is have the same result, of winning the national championship, but figure out what journey you're going to be on along the way. And so pursue is a good word for me, and develop. We're going to be a developing team throughout."

oh man with little Curry on the team and my baaaby Singler and the Plumlee kids kickin it and Nolan Smith ready to KILL! we are going to be so so so good this season! I'm excited to see what Kyrie Irving and Seth Curry can do but I already miss Scheyer and Zoubek so much. but AHHHH!

and i haven't really worked out how I'm going to be an avid fan while going to UNC without making people haaaaate me. uuuuuuuuh
sweet angel little sister
19 October 2010 @ 02:39 am
The song originally is already incredible and has these haunting lyrics but the music is so light and it's like walking in a cemetery on a perfect fall day, where you're sad but it's also so beautiful outside. It amazes me that Torquil and Amy, the lead singers of Stars, aren't married because their vocal exchange is really intimate, and they manage to finish each other's sentences so fluidly that their voices have no start/stop.

The electronica curves up around the notes, like a siren and it's almost SHOUTING for the voices to hurry up and move on and Amy and Torq refuse to keep pace and the push and pull of it all is so incessant that you don't know whether or not you want to run or if you want to crawl into bed and cry.

(uuum basically linked to hypem because i'm lazy and links keep on getting cut)

| Stars- Dead Hearts (LightsOverLA Remix)

sweet angel little sister
12 October 2010 @ 12:37 am
Oh man, I'm getting really into Vampire Diaries...

it really took me until 1.08 but then by 1.11 it was like oh the way elena says "i used to be more fun" and how she can't get her arm in her jacket, like she's still so out of it and she's even more fun when she's not trying to be

AND aaaugh, I love how she fits in with him and the looks they give each other and how Damon is such a ray of light even though I'm not sure if he's supposed to be
sweet angel little sister
23 September 2010 @ 04:40 pm

(but go to Yahoo! and download it in HD! So worth it!)

I'm not sure how these movies/books/people manage to still make me want to scream into a pillow with happiness but I'm sitting in the quiet section of the library seriously refraining from jumping up and down.

how perfect is the background music, as per usual!? and the scenes of the wedding and ron and hermione always in eachother's comfort zones and RUPERT'S FAAAAACE, AUGH.

so much love!

and sorry for being such a crappy friend lately...I've read everything but have for some reason no time to comment? Idk. It'll stop soon.
sweet angel little sister
22 March 2010 @ 03:15 pm
stop trying to compress all of the health care bill into 140 characters or a Facebook update. If you have something to say about the subject, type something out that has legitimate concerns and then maybe you won't be wasting everyone's time. If I read one more update saying 'Goodbye freedom, hello Communism,' I WILL DO SOMETHING DRASTIC.
sweet angel little sister
02 March 2010 @ 05:50 pm
The building reeks of sweat and old equipment, making even the southern heat look inviting but my thirteen-year-old self is refusing to entertain the idea. I am .55 miles in on a treadmill at a local YMCA pushing my legs faster, faster, to the beat of soc-cer, soc-cer. I manage to distract myself long enough with fantasies of team huddles and championship games that my feet tangle and my body flies off of the machine, chin crashing onto the edge. Dazed and tasting blood in my mouth, it takes the thought of finish! to jump back on the treadmill in a second. Later, when my mom is speeding me towards urgent care for twenty-eight stitches, I can only think of how when tryouts arrive, two miles will be painless. I am determined. Clumsy, but determined.

The marching band field with its metallic instrument flecks and grassy patches are swirling in my eyes oncoming tears are threatening my vision. Jack, always a mélange of lethargy and sarcasm, is standing opposite of me, refusing to run the laps that I have demanded of my section post-practice. By senior year, my legs have begun to run to a different beat, a beat of metronomes and field positions and I watch myself become deeply invested in a show and the people. I became a section leader and began to necessitate more of my group, requiring extra practices and push-ups. His apathetic stance is an attack on the activity that I love and idea of breaking down and calling in adult reinforcements is tempting. Instead, I pull myself together, inform him that running is compulsory and if he does not take this seriously, he will be letting down his friends and himself. I declare that I will run the laps for him and begin jogging. Around lap two, I feel Jack beside me and hear a quiet apology. We run the last three circuits in sync. I am a leader. By example, not rank.

I am sitting on a mud floor with a banana tree leaf in front of me, preparing for lunch. The daily power outage the stray dogs are barking at the door. India is a swirl of saris and Ambassador cars, and while I am reveling in the Chennai sunsets from my grandfather’s roof, I secretly crave the air conditioned room and the iridescent glow of my computer back home. Then, a distant relative, a grandmother’s aunt or aunt’s grandmother, leans her elderly body to pour a serving of sambar onto my plate. She smiles softly at me and says in Tamil, “I have been cooking all day for your family. I am so happy you are here.” I thank her, and let the amenities I miss leave my thoughts for a while. I am Indian. American and Indian.

I am a mixture of my experiences, my heritage, and the people who surround me. I thrive on goals and competition, and the pride my nationalities give me. My first year of college has given me experiences I refuse to trade and I believe that UNC-Chapel Hill is the next step to reach my full potential in both academics and life experience.
sweet angel little sister
06 February 2010 @ 03:08 pm
Thursday's Grey's Anatomy was one of the best ensemble fourtyfive minutes I've seen in such a long time, at least from that show. Every person had this connection to each other, yet it seemed like just constant flashes of totally different shows because it felt like everyone was so separated. Alex's genuine smile (which was something I hadn't seen since Izzie left) and Cristina's breakdown and Derek being so frustrated, yet so ambitious and Bailey having a crush it was just this totally different show. There was a total fluidity to it and it was nice feeling. :)

Anyways, pictures!

It's been snowing in North Carolina, and where I'm from, that means freak out and cancel school for inordinate amounts of time. It snowed around 2 inches and public schools were out for four days! College didn't really have that luxury (two days!) but I spent last weekend curling up in beds with my roommates, playing outside, and pushing cars down the street trying to get to parties. Also failing tests because I chose to pretend that since there's snow on the ground, studying's not allowed:
The Court where everyone went to sled :)

Someone brought this cut-out to a game and for some reason, Paulie D was on the Jumbotron more than the actual game. Sometimes I Love my school.
sweet angel little sister
man, i really want a paid account. :) uum i have some ridiculously kind friends. tysm, ellen. <3

in other news, i have an int'l relations test in 30 minutes and i am some how still sitting in my bed with a bathrobe on and am only halfway through the test notes. whooo boy.

edit: in studying, I found this little gem:

"Alcohol abuse can also lead to problems. Russia 's President Boris eltsin was often inebriated. At the first summit meeting in 1994, Yeltsin arrived so drunk that he "could barely get off the plane." He...at one point was "staggering around in his underpants shouting for pizza." One adviser relates that during the U.S.led bombing campaign against Serbia, "Yeltsin suggested that he and Clinton should get together on an emergency basis and...should meet on a submarine."

Oh Boris Yeltsin. Oh the USSR. Good times, world, good times.